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Copy & Restoration Work

Restore old photos in Angleton, TX

Bring back forgotten memories

Have your childhood photos been damaged from wear and tear? Things like water, dust or poor care can cause your pictures to lose their original color and luster. Luckily, Hamilton Studio can restore pictures to a healthier state so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

We combine old fashioned artistry with digital technology to restore your faded, torn, cracked, stained or spotted photos. Your photo will never leave our studio and all restoration work is done on a copy of your original. As one of the only photography studios in Angleton, TX with the skill and equipment to restore pictures, you can rely on us to bring your pictures back to life.

Visit Hamilton Studio today to restore old photos in Angleton, TX.

Copy & Restoration WorkCopy & Restoration Work

Restore old photos and keep the memories alive

The thought of losing a photo that reminds you of a loved one or special moment can be heartbreaking. As time goes by, picture quality will diminish due to a variety of different factors, but that doesn’t mean that your picture is lost forever. You can still keep the memories alive by hiring an experienced photographer in Angleton, TX who can restore pictures.

At Hamilton Studio, we can:

  • Add color vibrance
  • Improve color ratio
  • Recover faded aspects
  • Add or remove people
  • Make duplicate copies

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